Bible lesson ideas for ages three through kindgergarten

Many churches with young families are facing a dilemma: what activities can we offer for the children? Nursery services for infants and children under the age of three are generally available, but often children ages three through kindergarten need specific activities and a structured learning service tailored to their developemental stages. They’re too old for the nursery and too young for the adult services.

Luckily their cheerful disposition and high energy learning styles make this age group such a joy to teach! Listed below is a general idea for a children’s church service.

It would be good to have two or three adults to serve as the main “teachers.” Having more than one teacher allows the adults to switch out every other Sunday and attend the main service with their families and friends. The three year old through kindergarten age group responds well to routine. It wouldn’t be advisable to change teachers too often, in order to ensure the children are comfortable with their teachers. It would be really great to have a list of volunteers from the youth and other adults in the church to rotate weekly as “assistants.” These assistants are essential for bathroom breaks, handing out activities and supplies and helping to keep the children on task.

It is recommended to keep a few supplies in a large tub that can be kept in any suitable learning area. In the supply tub, it would be great to have:

crayons and coloring pages

a timer



reward stickers

videos or DVDs


story books

pillows or rugs, or even towels to sit on during story and video time

With these supplies in hand, it is easy to folow a general schedule of activities like this:

(5 to ten minutes per activity)

1. Story or Video

2. Play time

3. Clean up

4. Snack

5. Craft or coloring

6. Play time or Singing

7. Clean up

8. Parent pick up

To help with the transition, use a timer and set it to go off after five or ten minutes. Also, make a really fun flip chart with brightly colored pictures of each activity. A flip chart can be made using a three-ring binder. Set this binder on the main table where it can be easily seen.

There are plenty of good websites with ideas for a central theme for each Sunday such as “the days of creation,” or “ways that Jesus shows His love for us.” Use a central theme with a Bible scripture throughout the games, songs and crafts to help the children learn about the Good News. Take a look at these websites for ideas:

With a little preparation and plenty of energy, teaching this age group can be a very rewarding experience. Remember, “Jesus called the children to him, and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16


When we started this blog in 2010, we had three children.

Since that time we have had THREE MORE CHILDREN. We would love for you to visit us at to see how we’ve grown.



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