A Christmas blessing of hope

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty down. Some things have happened lately in my life that have been hard to overcome. I’ve felt separated from my Heavenly Father. My faith has been shaken. It’s been a dark few weeks for me. I’ve been pressing on, continuing to serve, though my heart wasn’t entirely in it. I know there are seasons like this in all our lives and I was working through my own struggles.

Today I was busy baking pumpkin cookies and working on some centerpieces for a Christmas party. I thought it would be nice to hear some holiday music as I worked, gluing ornaments together and the smell of pumpkin and spices filled the house. And as I listened, my heart was lighter. I felt hopeful again. Joy crept into my weary soul once more. I had this one thought, “I was sad, but Christmas is coming.” It has occurred to me today that mankind faced a long season of weary struggling through darkness. And then Christmas came. Our savior was born and the world felt light and joy again.

While tying ribbons, I caught a shimmer of excitement and I felt as if I was preparing for my savior Himself to arrive at the Christmas party. That kind of joy is overflowing! I pray my friends and family are blessed with a renewal of joy and hope this season. As we hang our lights, decorate our trees and sing the songs that celebrate our savior’s birth – I pray you all catch a spark of excitement that our Lord is coming back so very soon. Imagine the day when we celebrate as one body, basking in the light of His glory.


When we started this blog in 2010, we had three children.

Since that time we have had THREE MORE CHILDREN. We would love for you to visit us at www.coersfamily.com to see how we’ve grown.



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