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When we started this blog in 2010, we had three children.

Since that time we have had THREE MORE CHILDREN. We would love for you to visit us at www.coersfamily.com to see how we’ve grown.



The birth of our fourth child

I’m long overdue for an update!  Our tubal reversal went well. Within a few months, we were happily expecting our fourth child. We decided to have a home birth. Here is her story:

Abigail Scotlyn Coers

I went into labor on Friday, May 13th around 4 o’clock in the morning. I woke up with a strong contraction and I went to the bathroom. I saw bloody show! It was the first time in my life that I had seen this – I never noticed with my other three births. I went back to bed and tried not to wake up Scott, but I was too excited to be quiet.

The contractions kept coming fairly regularly for quite a while – but by 7 a.m. they had started to slow down. I was crushed! Abigail was already 6 days overdue and I was pretty tired of being pregnant. I waited until around 9 a.m. and I called our midwife, Betsy, to ask her if I could go ahead and use the castor oil/red raspberry leaf capsule plan to encourage labor to start again. Betsy told me that another client of hers might be going into labor at the same time. So I agreed that I wouldn’t take anything to speed up my labor. It was hard, but we waited.

My contractions kept coming irregularly all throughout Friday and into Saturday. I wasn’t able to get any sleep. Finally the contractions became regular around lunchtime on Saturday. Scott went ahead and filled up the birthing pool in our kitchen so I could get in after Betsy came to our house. Betsy came to check me around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I was having regular contractions about every 6 minutes. She checked me and I was 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced! I was so thankful that I cried.

After that I labored in the birthing pool for quite a while. About 4 or 5 hours. I got out every hour to use the restroom and move around to encourage my labor to continue. The contractions became VERY strong. I started to vocalize the pain, making moaning sounds and saying “oooh, oooh, oooh!” And then when the contractions became closer together and even stronger I switched to say “OWWW! OWWW! OWWW!” Betsy was so wonderful, she kept praying for me and encouraging me. It was like having an angel there – helping me. She was so strong and courageous, but still sweet and loving. She was wonderful. Her helper showed up right around the time I reached my transition stage. Her name is Tara and she’s an EMT. She’s preparing to go to China on a medical mission to help women give birth. My homebirth was the first she had ever attended. I was honored to have her there and she was really helpful.

Unfortunately I vomited all through my transition phase. That was really hard. I had very strong contractions, but I couldn’t focus on relaxing because I was vomitting so much.

Betsy checked me and I was almost 10 cm dilated but my cervix was posterior and there was a lip in the way, holding back the baby. I had to get out of the pool and sit on a birthing stool while she tried to move my cervix out of the way. This was THE MOST painful part of my entire labor and birth. I was supposed to push with each contraction while she reached in and pushed my cervix back.

I had to move to the bed because I was so exhausted at this point and I couldn’t take anymore pain. Betsy tried to help move my cervix back again and I became frantic. I was begging for them to take me to the hospital. But it really was far too late to go to the hospital (and I’m glad – I didn’t really want to go, I was just out of my mind for a moment.) I feel so terrible that I lost my cool like that. I wanted to be so much stronger – but I was so tired after not sleeping for two days and my long labor. Betsy gave me a big spoonful of honey to give me more energy and they tried to push my cervix back again. This time it worked!

I got up and got back into the birthing pool. I started pushing gently, just sort of feeling it out. Then my body kicked into overdrive and started pushing on it’s own! That was so weird. I had no control. My muscles just slammed into action and pushed. I told my husband that I needed him in the pool to hold me up. He went to the bathroom and changed into some swim trunks. While he was gone my water broke. It did more than break – it EXPLODED! It kind of scared me. It felt like a big water balloon exploding between my legs. I could feel it all, even though my body was underwater.

Scott got back into the tub and sat behind me and held me up while I pushed. I grabbed onto his hands and later he told me he was really scared that I was going to break his fingers. Pushing was amazing and really difficult. I definitely felt the ‘ring of fire’ that everyone talks about. I think I kept saying “IT BURNS! IT BURNS!”

The baby was coming down very quickly, so Betsy told me to pant and let my body stretch. This was very hard and I don’t remember this part very well. Finally after only a couple of minutes of pushing she was out! Betsy pulled her up out of the water and laid her on my chest. My husband was crying and laughing at the same time. It was amazing. There was no more pain at all! My baby girl looked up at me and my husband – she was so beautiful. She looked right into our eyes.

After that we took an herbal bath together and Betsy checked me for tears. I didn’t have a single tear – only some stretch burns. We got dressed and got into bed and my children came home to see their new sister. It was so perfect.

The pain was more than I thought it would be and my labor was very hard. But I would do it again. I know it was the best way to deliver my baby.

Born safe at home into the arms of her loving parents

Snuggled in her nursery

Her birth certificate – born at home

Our first family picture with our newest member


We would love for you to visit us at www.coersfamily.com to see how we’ve grown.


My change of heart

Almost ten years ago, I was a struggling single mother with three very young children. I didn’t spend very much time with my children because I was focused on working as a journalist, graphic layout designer and copy editor for a newspaper. My children spent the majority of their time at the babysitter’s house. They would spend the night with her often. I missed out on so much. With my eyes on the wrong goal, I stumbled and fell. I fell frequently. It was a mess. Thankfully, God did not give up on me. He led me down a broken road to my husband, Scott. Settled into a comfortable marriage I felt that for once I was safe – I was loved – and I was special. During this time of healing I was able to change my focus.  About two years into our marriage, during worship service at church, I cried out to God to change me. I begged Him to use me, show me where to go, show me how to conduct my life. I wept as I cried out for His guidance.And I felt His peace wash over me. I should have known that peace was sent to help me through the changes ahead of me.

God set out that very moment to radically change me. A few weeks after I cried out for His guidance, I became very sick with pneumonia. So sick, in fact, that my husband was forced to take me to the hospital. I was admitted for almost a week. Initially, as the doctors were working on the correct diagnosis, they were concerned about a large mass in my lungs.

Apparently the infection was so condensed, the doctors initially thought it could be a tumor. My heart stopped when they told me this.

I immediately quit smoking.

I smoked a pack a day for six years. I’ve tried every different way to quit, without success. But the day I cried out for my Father to change me into the woman He wants me to be – He set the process in motion. He knew what it would take to free me from my costly addiction.

And still He continued to work on me. Shortly after I recovered, an opportunity to serve in my church’s children’s ministry presented itself. As I considered working in this ministry a warm peace, much like the one I experienced during that special moment of worship – washed over me and I knew that this was a step in the right direction.

Over the next few weeks, He continued to work on me. He opened my eyes to healthy changes in my lifestyle, our budget, our household. My Father has redirected my interest in raising my children in a simple, loving and Godly manner.

And then my God laid it upon my heart to take a leap of pure faith and homeschool my children.

The idea at first was frightening! I was not this person. I was busy at my job, I had my own interests. Sure, I love my children, I attended church, I loved my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ – but I was nowhere near where He wanted me to be.

I was NOT the type of mom to get up early, make sure everyone had a nice breakfast. I didn’t pull myself out of bed to spend a little time in prayer. I rarely cracked open my Bible unless I was at church. I wasn’t a bad Christian – but I was inactive, lukewarm. I had not surrendered my life completely to His will.

As I look back today, I’m amazed at just how far God has brought me in such a very short time. He’s used circumstances to teach me. He’s led my heart to a new realization of just how wonderful my life could be when I decide to truly serve Him. I can see now that serving in the church children’s ministry will help me as I homeschool my children. The organizational skills I’ve used at work will benefit me as I struggle to keep us on task at home. The new things I’m learning everyday will help me to become the woman I need to be –  the woman He wants me to be.

I still have a long way to go. I’m not a saint, by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m still a little unsure of myself in this new role. I don’t know if I can be “that type” of a woman. Can I be a true help mate for my husband? Can I be the way God wants me to be?

Not on my own.

But I’m not alone. I’m being led every step of the way. And I’m so very thankful that God has invested such an interest in a wayward servant.

Along with changing my attitude towards raising my children, God has placed a new desire in my heart to have more children. When I gave birth to my third child, I made the terrible decision to have my tubes tied. I broke my body. My heart is broken. God, in His goodness and mercy, has led me to The Lord’s Heritage Ministry – a ministry that helps raise money to fund tubal ligation and vasectomy reversal surgeries.  I have hope now. This chance to be physically restored is precious to me. God has recently been working with me regarding my misconceptions about submission to my husband and my misconceptions about why God created women. I used to be so concerned with my career, so concerned with “being somebody,” and I didn’t want to be “just” a housewife. It has been a struggle for me to overcome the lies that I grew up with as a child of the feminist generation.
Today I am very, very happy to be a stay-at-home mother, I’m proud to be homeschooling my children and diligently serving my church. There are still times when I struggle with that prideful nature when I bump into an old friend and they ask me, “Where do you work?” Their faces change when I say, “I’m at home with my kids.” It’s like they think I’ve given up – when really I’ve chosen a fantastic calling!
God has revealed much to me about my character and the wrong ideas I’ve had in my heart. And it’s just in time, too! God’s timing is perfect. My daughters are getting older now and they’re talking about what they want to be when they grow up. I would have encouraged them down the wrong paths in the past. But today I’m able to tell them that God has created them as women for a very special purpose. Yes, a job – a career – for an unmarried woman is important. And it’s important for them to ask God to show them their paths. But the Bible tells us as women what our purpose is and why He made us. We are helpmeets, rubies for our husbands, gaurdians of our homes! This is so wonderful to me now. It blesses my heart to tell my daughters that God loves them and wants them to be happy.
God has helped me to see His perfect planning when He created women for that purpose. I was blessed about two months ago to receive a book from my mother-in-law, “Womanly Dominion,” by Mark Chanksi. This book really helped me to realize that I was pleasing God, my Father, when I chose to serve my family and my husband with my whole heart.
Thank God for working to reveal these things in my life! I have such amazing peace. I experience so much more joy in my life. It is my prayer that I can help other women realize that they can have this same joy and peace everyday!


When we started this blog in 2010, we had three children.

Since that time we have had THREE MORE CHILDREN. We would love for you to visit us at www.coersfamily.com to see how we’ve grown.