Our Family

Here are a few pictures of our family!  🙂

This is the day our family was complete!

This is the day our family was complete!

Scott and I were married on in 2005. The Lord blessed me with the most wonderful husband and father for my children. I’m amazed every morning when I can start a new day filled with the joy of being a complete and happy family. God is so good to bless me in this way!The boys

We love baseball! At least, my husband, son and I do… the girls tolerate it. In the above picture Scott and Daniel were horsing around while waiting to meet up with our church group to watch a Cat’s game in Fort Worth. There was also a fireworks show afterwards, but it seems everytime we take the kids to a ball game – the game goes into extra innings! So we left around the 11th inning and had to miss the fireworks.Rowena (in blue) and Vivian (in pink) ride the carosel at the mall

Our girls, Rowena and Vivian, have drawn a very firm line in the sand. Rowena wears only blue colors, while Vivian prefers pink hues. They share a room and it was a challenge to find the right decor to please both! We are very blessed by our daughters – they are so sweet-hearted and they fill our days with such joy and laughter.Daniel rides the gocarts on his birthday

During a recent birthday Daniel was able to drive gocarts and play mini golf with a friend. I really love the above picture with Daniel’s fist in the air and a triumphant shout! It gives me a grin everytime. That’s my boy!

The baby of the family… so far! Abigail is our fourth child. She was born at home and has been snuggled ever since. She has a very serious personality. You can see her little wheels turning.


We would love for you to visit us at www.coersfamily.com to see how we’ve grown.



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